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Babies Can’t Wait...
The first three years are the most critical and most vulnerable time in a child’s development.

If you’re concerned about
a special child in your life, call

for free, in-home developmental evaluations.

Our Services
    Beginning early to enhance your child’s development has benefits for you, your child, and your entire family.

    Early Intervention may:
    • help answer your questions about your child’s development
    • help ease difficult family routines such as meal time, bath time, or bed time
    • improve both developmental and educational growth
    • help you understand, communicate, and have a closer relationship with your infant or toddler
    • help children with developmental delays become more independent
    • help give your child the best possible start in life, preventing or lessening the need for more intervention in the future
    Early Intervention pays for a variety of services including but not limited to:
    • speech therapy
    • audiology
    • assistive testing
    • developmental therapy
    • physical therapy
    • occupational therapy
    • vision services
    • service coordination
    • parent liaison services
    • referral for medical diagnosis
    • transition from Early Intervention to programs for 3-5 year olds
Accessing Our Services
Anyone can refer a child for a free evaluation. Just call.
    The Child and Family Connections staff will support you and your family throughout the evaluation process, determination of eligibility and identification of services that will meet your individual needs.
If your child is eligible:

Your Service Coordinator will help you develop your IFSP, (Individualized Family Service Plan) link you to service providers and provide the information needed to make informed decisions.
If your child is ineligible:

Your Service Coordinator will assist your family with linkages to other community resources that may benefit your child and family.
    So, you may be asking yourself:

    How do I refer my child for a free evaluation?
      Just pick up the phone and call Child & Family Connections.

    What’s going to happen if I make a referral?
      First, a CFC staff member will ask for your address and phone number as well as basic information about your child (name, date of birth, doctor, etc)
      Next, a Service Coordinator will promptly contact you to discuss the program, your concerns and schedule an appointment to get things started.

    Where do services take place?
      Meetings can take place at the family’s home, the CFC office, or any other convenient location. Therapy services take place where ever the child is during the day (home, child care, grandma’s, etc.)

    Is there a cost for these services?
      Evaluations are always free of charge. After a child is determined eligible, there is a participation fee based on the family’s income and size. The fee ranges from $0 to $200 per month.

    If services only last until the child turns three, then what?
      Transition. When a child reaches 30 months of age we being the process of transitioning the child into preschool services. Children often go to Head Start, Pre K, or Special Education services at their local school district.
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